A Bout of Wisdom

Wise Wifery will be a monthly feminist publication, formatted as a two-sided bulletin board.  Relating to the chosen topic of each volume, one side will feature “pro-life” perspectives while the opposite side will deliver “pro-choice” perspectives.  The editors of Wise Wifery believe individual experiences of abortion are major life events which usually transcend the contemporary two-sided debate of “pro-life” versus “pro-choice.”  Yet this simple bulletin board format will hopefully sparkie a more cracklin’ public dialogue amongst Wise Wifery readers, their peers, and beyond.

At this point of inception, the plan is to produce ten volumes of Wise Wifery, before the primary editor gets swallowed-up-whole by a graduate program…  The topics of the remaining nine volumes are to be decided by you, the diverse community of Wise Wifery readers and contributors.  So definitely share your thoughts on the moderated Eatup & Feedback page.