Abortion Art, Volume #1Z

The debut bulletin of Wise Wifery will exhibit representations of abortion, with abortion being individually interpreted by each artist as the premature termination of an otherwise full-term pregnancy.  This blog is a trumpeting call for your submission!  We’ll be proud to publish photographs, paintings, collages, drawings, and prints by creative feminists of all genders.

Send up to three of your precious works to wisewifery@gmail.com, submitting low-resolution files (JPG or PDF, 1 MB max size).  If your piece is not accepted for publication in Volume #1Z, we may hang onto your art and request to use it as illustrative relief in future more-wordy volumes.

And just so you know, just so we are on the same page, so that all logistics can remain as copacetic as possible, once your precious works land in our inbox, we will review them with as respectful and apolitical an eye as possible.  This debut bulletin of Wise Wifery is simply (yes, I wrote simply…) about women and men who have had abortion affect their lives in some way and then who took the steps to process that event through art.

In your letter, mention which side of the bulletin board you would want your artwork published on.  Also, include your name, address, phone number, and a description of your work that is no more than fifty words.

¡Gracias!  We look forward to your contributions and readership.