Eatup + Feedback

The intention of this here page is to hold a lively dialogue!  (a jig dance)

However, the widely known fact must be reiterated that dialogues, when they are honest and at their juiciest, are often then not easy.  Wise Wifery can’t anticipate readers’ reactions, but we’ll warn you that you may possibly read comments you do not agree with.  We took the measure to filter certain key words (such as “evil”), because judgement of others and negative vibes are not cool at this dance party.  Absolutely not cool, at all.

As has been noted, this is a moderated feedback page.  Only one new comment will be featured each day.  This is sort of like letting one person at a time groove down the soul train line.  Gotta give brothers and sisters their space and time to dance and speak!  Also, it is a chance for our moderator to suss out the most passionate and articulate comments.  Wise Wifery would like to erase the antagonism and shame that shroud abortion by creating an open and multilateral forum, and we aim to do this in a thrilling yet thoughtful manner.  So please send your keenest insight.

What is posted here serves as the seeds of future publications, for this is a dialogue sculpted by you.  If you are pro-life; if you’re pro-choice; if you reject those labels; if you’re Christian or Pagan or a biker or a baker or candlestick maker…  whoever you are, if you’d like to participate in this forum, then submit your insight … keenly, that is.  (a wink, smirk, and jig)

¡Otra vez, gracias!


One response to “Eatup + Feedback

  1. What a wonderful project! I look forward to sending in a few poems and I applaud your effort to get at important issues beyond typical labels – even though I do think the two sides of the billboard idea maintains the concept of dichotomy.

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